Asked Questions

  • How do you handle working with companies in the same industry?

    We respect our client's rights to privacy.

    Your data is your data and no one else's. All data exchanged with the Tehmpo ecosystem is protected by the privacy provisions in our industry-standard contracts which are governed by the highest levels of Canada's consumer protections.

  • How long will it take to solve my problem?

    Tehmpo works with clients to define scopes prior to the initiation of each individual project.

    The complexity of scope directly affects the time it takes to execute the project. Weekly and daily progress reports are available to the client based on their preferences.

  • What does the service cost?

    We offer two types of service, flat rate and retainer.

    Flat rate services are dependent on the scope of the project. Retained services are billed at the start of each month. Many of our clients choose to use us as their internal data science team as we are experts in the field and can be deployed at a fraction of the cost of traditional inhouse models. We can scale to fit the client's needs.