By mining data like credit card transactions, chequing accounts, and traffic patterns we can:

Demonstrate the highest value locations for your business:

Based on your customers purchasing patterns and location data we show clients when their customer is likely to:

  • enter their location based on location data. This helps time promotional sales and establish manpower loading.
  • how their locations compare against competitors based on credit card transactions and location data. If a competitor in the area is seeing high sales and a client typically outcompetes them in other areas, this would indicate that some of the competitor’s excess market share will shift to a client’s new location.
  • when a market will reach a saturation point based on how far a customer will travel to the location, the customer spending patterns at other locations, and competition in the area.

Optimize the growth of your chain and minimize dollars spent:

Using proven location selection techniques we show clients how many future locations are possible in a given area or city. This prevents the opening of locations likely to underperform. The location data and purchasing data will also show when a client’s customers have suffered financial setbacks and will likely not be spending as much in the future. The data will reflect in near real-time that they are spending less and how their basket of goods purchased has changed. Historically, employment trends amongst a client’s customers could be estimated by analyzing location data. With on again and off again pandemic lockdowns rolling through communities and work from home measures in place this is no longer as effective. Under Covid restrictions, a better data set would incorporate account transfers like pay stubs and government support receipts. We have access to this data and can determine when a client’s customer has stopped making mortgage payments or has received a pay raise.

Examine the viability of current and future locations:

Future location viability is largely determined by how many customers are in the sales area and the financial health of those customers. The customers are identified by examining location data at each client location. From here the client can learn where their customers spend their time. Customer financial health is determined by examining account and credit card transaction data.

Analyze competitors in real-time:

Customers of a competitor’s location are tracked using location-based data sets. Time spent at competitor locations is indicative of purchasing intent. These data sets are then complemented by account-based data and credit card transaction histories.