The hotel and travel industries are undergoing transformational changes. Through machine learning and big data analytics on things like foot traffic and credit card expenses we can show:

Which locations will survive and thrive in a Covid world?

We show clients where their customers go when staying at their hotel. Is the customer a business traveller attending a convention or a family attending a hockey tournament? Location-based data will show how far visitors go to their destinations once their home base is established at the hotel. If Covid lockdowns continue it will be important for hotels experiencing underutilization to understand who their customer is and if that customer is likely to come back. In addition, the spending power of that customer may be greatly impacted by their occupation and the industry in which they work. This is determined using demographic data and credit card transaction histories. The customer’s spending habits can be analyzed when not at the hotel or when not even travelling to determine if Covid has changed their wallet size and allocations.

Which locations can be repurposed to maximize future revenue?

In a future with less travel some hotels will likely need to be repurposed. Once customer segments are identified, room rates can be optimized based on not just seasonal but weekly patterns. Visitation may be business-related, but, specific to industry types or events. Correlations are discovered using location data to observe where clients travel while staying at a hotel location. Which hotels need to be repurposed in the longer term may depend on the mix of business vs leisure travellers which are determined by transaction and location-based data. Certain businesses and industries are likely to be more viable in the future, if a location isn’t viable for those travellers the property will underperform and owners should adjust now.

Are there strategic partnerships with other brands that can drive higher visitation to your property?

Location data to find where your customers go can unlock insights into cross-marketing opportunities with their favourite brands

How are competitors faring today and can you acquire their market share?

Your visitation rates vs their visitation rates. What do your visitors do while at your hotel vs your competitors’? If your competitors are outperforming advertising strategies can be adjusted to target their visitors based on their visitors’ reasons for visiting. If your hotels are outperforming visitation and spending benchmarks then acquisition opportunities can be identified by finding underperforming competitor locations and applying better operating practices.