Capital Markets &

Private Equity


Gain an informational advantage on your investments and your competitors by using our alternative data sets to drive your performance

Monitor your investments and compare them to your competitors’ assets using real-time data.

Monitor street-level foot traffic at your locations and compare to competitors to determine week/week outperformance or competitive enhancement initiatives. Can be done on a storefront or property level.

Forecast undervalued future growth opportunities.

Incorporate alternative data streams like location data and credit card transactions during the due diligence process to determine which locations can outperform based on a lack of competition in the area and strong customers, which can be disposed of as non-core based on competitor performance and market saturation, and what future growth profiles look like based on customer segmentation data and neighbourhood demographics.

Back calculate competitor trading strategies to exploit their weaknesses.

Using the Investor Labs platform and AI we ingest billions of historical trading signals and quantify what factors algorithmic traders are basing their strategies on and what trigger points must be achieved before they execute a trade. Using this technology we can show you how to drive tens of millions of dollars into your stock by making small adjustments to book values, cash flows, and earnings.

Sell before product demand is saturated and top tick the market.

When a fund invests in a business they want it to grow. We can show data-driven growth profiles based on verifiable facts like location data and transaction histories. When these growth profiles are becoming exhausted is also a verifiable nonpublic data point. Exit strategies can be planned while trailing headline growth numbers are still very strong.